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Processing and packaging of consumer products is a highly competitive business that requires enormous versatility due to the vast range of goods involved. Broadly, the consumer goods sector incorporates everything and anything purchased by individuals for personal and family needs, and includes food and beverages, nutrition products, products that cater for health and hygiene needs, baby and personal care and beauty, to clothing, electronics, paper and much more.

The challenge for manufacturers of all types of consumer products is to ensure that they constantly improve quality, at the same time making goods more cheaply, and cutting down on the time processing and packaging takes. One of the best ways to cut down on time is to automate processing and packaging. This then cuts down labor costs and speeds up all operations. It also lessens the ever-pervasive threat of worker health and safety issues.

SMB has more than two decades of experience working with manufactures of a wide variety of consumer products. Our customers include large international corporations that produce a myriad of items that we use in our homes and offices on a daily basis, from washing powder and personal cleansers, to staples.

We help all our customers deliver product quality efficiently and safely, and ensure package integrity. We are well placed, in terms of facilities and experience, to provide the guidance and machinery required to implement quality and productivity improvements. Ultimately this will help increase business growth and reinforce consumer trust and confidence in your company’s products.

Our primary equipment applications include handling of materials, automation of assembly equipment, filling, sealing, labeling and marking of packages, as well as secondary packaging and palletizing.

Material Handling of Consumer Products

When it comes to material handling, it is important that machinery can identify the parts required and inspect these for both product integrity and quality. Systems should also be in place to guide the robotic pick and place of products and packages.

Automated Assembly Equipment for Consumer Products

The automated assembly equipment available for consumer products is as varied as the products themselves. We sort equipment based on shape and color, as well as verify assemblies and guide robotic assembly of the machines, inspection stations and so on.

We supply what your business needs to reduce time and increase productivity.

Filling and Sealing of Consumer Products

We have a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging equipment for consumer products, including household goods and personal care items in our inventory. Modular packing heads allow for quick changeover and flexibility. Customized designs enable precise placement of goods or special orientation of all types of cartons, bags, bottles and just about any size or shape containers.

When filling containers, automated and semi-automated packaging equipment can be programed to inspect for flaws in containers; find the position and/or orientation of packages; and to detect any missing products or containers that have been under filled.

When sealing containers, automated and semi-automated packaging equipment can be programed to inspect closures to ensure they are the right type and don’t have defects. Seal integrity can also be inspected and verified to ensure it is tamper-proof.

Labeling and Marking of Consumer Products

It is vital that all consumer product packaging is correctly labeled and marked. We supply equipment with vision systems that inspect labels to ensure they are correct, as well as check placement. They can also read and verify dates or lots and bar codes, and the graphic quality of printing, and check for wrinkles and tears on labels.

These steps are an important means of reducing wastage because flawed labels and mislabeled products are detected early in the production process.

Secondary packaging and palletizing of Consumer Products

Secondary packaging and palletizing is commonly used so that consumer products can be distributed to warehouses and resellers.

We supply automated machines that will improve your secondary packaging operations and provide guidance for robotic pick and place processes. They will also verify the fill-in cartoners and case packers for cartons or cases, inspect flaps and seals and inspect overwraps for product orientation. As for primary packaging, they read and verify dates or lots and bar codes, as well as the graphic quality of printing on labels.

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