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The Hermis tunnel cooler is designed for cooling various liquid products after the hot filling and pasteurizing process has been completed. Once they are cooled beverages are poured into a container and capped prior to final labeling and packing. Made of high quality stainless steel, tunnel coolers ensure that temperatures are controlled as the liquid cools down in the tunnel. They also ensure that the color, taste, smell, and texture of products being processed and packed are not altered. Determining the right type and configuration of tunnel cooler requires careful analysis of the products to be processed.

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Performance: From 2,000 to 24,000 bottles/hour
Product: Juices, syrups, fruit drinks, and other foods dispensed at high
Heat source: Steam, electricity, hot water
Principle of operation: The product passing through the cooling zones is cooled from an initial
temperature to a cooler temperature specified by the customer

The cooler is manufactured in the form of tunnel. Equipment dimensions depend on the required temperature and performance specified.


Tunnel coolers are divided by the level of automation:

Automatic Control

  • Siemens S7 processor-based control system
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic shutdown in emergency situations
  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Ability to memorize and configure previously set parameters
  • Ability of data communication and remote access via modem

Monitoring of valve positions, and a temperature recorder are regarded as optional extras.

Semi-Automatic Control

  • Siemens Logo PLC based control system
  • Automatic temperature maintenance
  • Changing the speed using a frequency converter
  • Manual switching valves

Temperature recorders are regarded as an optional extra.


Hermis JSC uses only high quality materials and components for production of its tunnel coolers. These are all manufactured in the European Union and they meet all the quality requirements:

  • Stainless steel produced in Sweden, Germany, Italy
  • Electric actuators – Lenze (Germany), or SEW (Germany) on request
  • Pumps – Lowara (Italy), Packo (Belgium), or Grundfos (Germany) on request
  • Heat exchangers – FUNKE (Germany), or Schimidt (Germany) on request
  • Control and shut-off valves – BURKERT (Germany), by option – SAMSON (Germany)
  • Condensate catchers – MIYAWAKI (Japan), or Spirax Sarco (England) on request
  • Shut-off valves – SODIME (France), or KIESELMANN on request
  • Modular belts and conveyor parts – MOVEX (Italy), or Rexnord (Netherlands) on request
  • Nozzles – Lechler (Germany)
  • Details for pneumatics – Festo, Norgren (Germany)
  • Sensors of temperature, level – ANDERSON-NEGELE (Germany), or Endress+Hauser (Germany) on request
  • Parameter registration – Endress + Hauser (Germany)

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