CIP Station

Automatic and semi-automatic clean-in-place (CIP) stations allow for the sanitary cleaning and disinfection of pipelines, buffer tanks, bottling lines, and pasteurization plants. The units comprise one or more vertical stainless steel tanks that operate with atmospheric pressure and are designed to remove contaminants without the need for disassembly of the equipment. Hermis high performance CIP stations effectively maintain the required level of microbiological purity during the various production processes.

Hermis CIP Station | SMB Machinery
Hermis CIP Station | SMB Machinery
Hermis CIP Station | SMB Machinery
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Tanks: From 1 to 4, used for storage of detergents and water
Type: One or multiple loops
Heat source: Steam, electricity, hot water

Main Modes of CIP Station Operation

  • Filling the tanks with water
  • Preparation of hot water
  • Preparation of detergents
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Drainage of used solutions


CIP stations are categorized by the level of automation they offer including:

  • Ability to set technological parameters and modes of the cleaning process.
  • Preparation of detergents with predetermined concentration and temperature parameters in automatic mode.
  • Maintaining temperature and concentration of detergents in the cleaning process.
  • Maintaining time of technological operations.
  • Change of sequence of detergents supplied, duration of operations, temperature conditions and concentration of detergents.
  • Measurement, control and adjustment of process parameters.
  • Optional addition is possible: Flow control in the return line;

Advantages of Automatic CIP Stations include:

  • Energy consumption savings
  • Possibility of multiple use of detergents
  • High accuracy of dosing concentrates
  • Ability to maintain the predetermined temperature and concentration of detergents in automatic mode
  • Reduction of consumption of detergents
  • Optimization of time taken for cleaning

Operation of Semi-Automatic CIP Stations

  • Manual control of valves
  • Manual selection of objects
  • Automatic control of temperature to regulate it
  • Manual dosing of concentrates
  • Control of concentration using a conductivity meter

Optional Extras

The optional addition of dosing pumps is possible


Hermis JSC uses only high quality materials and components for production of its CIP stations. These are all manufactured in the European Union and they meet all the quality requirements:

  • Centrifugal CIP pump with sensor for protection against dry running and with frequency converter – Lowara (Italy), Hilge (Germany), Inoxpa (Spain)
  • Centrifugal CIP pump return from tank with sensor for protection against dry running – Lowara (Italy), Hilge (Germany), Inoxpa (Spain)
  • Dosing pumps – Grundfos (Germany)
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Heat exchanger for heating of detergents Schmidt, FUNKE (Germany)
  • Valves – SODIME (France), Kisielmann (Germany)
  • Locking and regulating valves – Burkert (Germany), Samson (Germany)
  • Control instrumentation Endress + Hauser, ANDERSON NEGELE (Germany)
  • Frames – Stainless steel: AISI 304, or AISI 316 on request
  • Tanks – Stainless steel: AISI 316
  • Pneumatic elements – Festo, Normgren (Germany)

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