Mix Processors

Mix processors are used extensively in the food and beverage industry, particularly the soft drink, craft beer, and dairy industries. They are also used for mixing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and various other consumer products. While there are many different types that utilize a variety of processes, the general aim of industrial mix processors is to combine and blend different materials that might be liquid, solid, gas, or a combination of these elements until they form a homogenous whole. Some of the systems incorporated in mix processors enable deaeration of water required to produce top quality beverages, proportioning of ingredients, and controlled cooling or heating, as well as chilling of beverages during manufacture. Generally, mix processors either work using a batch mixing process or one that is continuous.

Used Mix Processors from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of quality pre-owned industrial mix processors manufactured by various highly reputable companies. Our current inventory has a wide range of Mojonnier machines which are ideal for the beverage processing industry, as well as various other mix processors from highly reputable brands like Alfa-Laval, H&K, Evapco, Famix, FES, FMC, and Trojan. Currently, the available selection ranges from sugar delivery, carbonation, dual stream blending, and mineral water blend systems, to mix processor blending systems that incorporate carbo coolers, as well as Mojonnier Flo-mix machines. Like all the processing equipment available from SMB Machinery, our selection of used mix processors is efficient and reliable and will meet the requirements of various manufacturing operations. Without a doubt, purchasing a pre-owned mix processor from SMB Machinery is a time-saving, reliable, and economical investment.

72 plate carbo-cooler with "Q" flo-mix mounted on original Mojonnier stainless steel tubular base. Gravity ammonia controls. Flo-mix mounted on end of unit. Unit is 6' wide (8'-6" overall including…
ID: 9909 model#: Q72 SRP
Stainless steel tubular base construction.  Allen-Bradly controls including SLC 5/04 PLC.
ID: 16821 model#: 56-Q-56