GOODNATURE Flash Pasteurizer

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Flash Pasteurizer

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Goodnature Model PNP-144 flash pasteurizer, with a flow of 144 GPH, built in 2008. PNP (Plug and Play). Never been used, and still on

          the original shipping crate. Flowrate is 2.4 GPM /

          144 gallons per hour. The hold time is 15 seconds.

          The unit does not have a cooling section, but the

          regeneratiOn heat exchanger should cool the juice

          back down to within 20-25 degrees F of the

          incoming product temperature. Purchased for

          pasteurizing fresh orange Juice. Includes RBI

          Model SB100 heating boiler rated for 100,000 BTU

          input, 81,000 BTU output, gas-fired, 160 PSI at

          250 degrees Fahrenheit, 19.08 square feet boiler,

          4.35 pounds per hour per square foot. Like new


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