QUADRO-ENGINEERING Dry Ingredient SS Funnel Blender – 14814

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Dry Ingredient SS Funnel Blender - 14814

Item ID:14814

Category:Mixers (Liquid), Processing Equipment




Tri-blender. Includes 10hp 3450 rpm drive motor mounted on stainless steel square tubing base. Tri-clamp 2" connections with stainless steel funnel. The funnel has 16" top opening and 10" perpendicular height. Unit is rated for from 40 to 70 gpm of liquid and 150 lb/min of dry ingredients.The Quadro Ytron XC has a dual stage reactor. The first stage in the reactor creates a strong vacuum ensuring the powders are drawn into the reactor head. Immediately after the powder comes into contact with the liquid, the premix is subjected to directional and velocity changes as the mix repeatedly impinges on stationary baffles. The second stage tangentially discharges a smooth, lump-free, homogeneous product.The Quadro Ytron XC Powder Disperser overcomes the inherent problem of in-tank batch mixers which expose the powder agglomerates to randomly distributed inconsistent shear resulting in unpredictability, batch to batch. Inline dispersion ensures each particle is subjected to uniform shear as they pass through the rotor / stator, guaranteeing consistent, homogeneous dispersions.

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