H&K Mineral Blend Skid – 15072

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Mineral Blend Skid - 15072

Item ID:15072

Category:Miscellaneous Water Treatment Equipment, Water Treatment Systems





Mineral blender used to blend dry minerals into bottled water. Stainless steel tubular frame with (2)70 gallon top agitated tanks, Micromotion meters and centrifugal pumps.  Two tanks on this skid has same size and number of ports: (1)1-1/2” tri-clamp on side-top, (1)1-1/2” tri-clamp on top, (1)3” tri-clamp on top for CIP sprayball, (1)1/2” sample valve at side-bottom and (1)1-1/2” tri-clamp discharge in center-bottom.  (4)2-1/2” tri-clamp ports on flovert panel. Equipped with (1)1hp Waukesha positive displacement pump, (1)5hp Waukesha centrifugal pump, Hauser+Endress FTL360 RTE2A4L liquid limit switch, mass flow sensor, pneumatic and manual valves, pressure relief valve,  etc.  Allen-Bradley controls including SLC 500/20 processor, (1)Allen-Bradley 160 VFD. Electrical: 480V/3ph/60Hz/29 FLA.

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