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DE Filter

Item ID:16987

Category:Filters, Support Equipment


Model:FiltroStar 1500

Filtrox Model FILTROstar 1500 pressure filter,

          previously used for beer, rated for 70 square

          meters (538 square feet) of filtration area, 4,300

          liters (1,135 gallons) total vessel volume, 1,500

          mm (59”) diameter, set up for (343) 32.5 mm X

          1,368 mm (1.25” x 54”) long filter candles inside

          vessel, pressure rated for 7 bar (105 PSI), 1,450

          liters (383 gallons) sludge volume, recommended

          capacity is 250 Hectoliters (hL) per hour, maximum

          filtration cycle 2.840 Hectoliters (150 gr./hL),

          maximum filtration flow - 350 Hectoliters per

          hour, minimum filtration flow - 175 Hectoliters

          per hour. Previously used by major beer producer.

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