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3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 700rks With 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head is specifically designed for productive sealing of large size regular slotted containers, such as those used in the appliance, electronics and bedding industries. This versatile machine seals up to 15 cases per minute while automatically adjusting to the height and width of each case.

Automatically Adjusts to Each Case
Our 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 700rks With 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head is a random size case sealer designed to automatically adjust to a variety of box sizes. It features a rugged 16-gauge welded steel frame and epoxy paint finish, plus 2 top and 2 bottom belt drives and upper and lower 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 taping heads as well as an easy-to-reach alternate outboard tape roll mount for the lower head. It automatically adjusts both height and width for proper flap sealing: seals case lengths of 6" (150mm) or more, widths of 7-25.5" (175-650mm) and heights of 4.75-25.5" (120-650mm) in standard position (heights of 15.25-36" (390-915mm) in high mast position). The pneumatically operated packing station also holds empty cases for filling and automatically centers them for sealing. Two gear motor drives provide power to the drive belts which run at 78 ft per minute. The Case Sealer can be quickly shut down using the centrally located emergency stop switch.

Shipping Dims- 64" L X 48" W X 58" Tall- weight approx 783 lbs.

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