HARTNESS Stainless Steel Drop Casepacker

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Stainless Steel Drop Casepacker

Item ID:15587

Category:Case Packers, Drop Case Packers



Serial:1-529 EGO 345

Hartness Stainless Steel Drop Casepacker.  Aprox Production Rate: 30 Cpm Depending On Case And Product Container Application: Round & Non-round Containers Glass (Returnable & One-way) Pet (Prb And One-way) Or Cans Case Application: Will Run Any type Of Top Load Tray or Case Hsc, Rsc (Newly Erected Or Reshipper) Full, 1/2 & 1/4 Depth Plastic Crates Description: Medium Speed Case Or Tray Packer Extremely Versatile Mainstay Of The Hartness Line Of Packers.

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