R.A. JONES Wrap Around Sleever – Cartoner

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Wrap Around Sleever - Cartoner

Item ID:15538


Manufacturer:R.A. JONES




R.A Jones BSW Wraptor S6332. 

  • Manufactured 2007 
  • Right hand machine
  • Elevation 43”.  (Can be changed by adjusting frame legs)
  • Right hand machine
  • Max blank size:  810mm / 31.89”
  • Bottle metering screw in set up for current 2.406” diameter bottle.  (This is a simple change part for other size diameter configurations)
    • R.A Jones would need to understand the customers product and material specifications to understand feasibility.
  • Machine is currently set up for a locking carton application, however can be converted to glue.
  • Currently capable of running 2x2, 2x3, and 2x4 configurations in current format. (Details below)
  • Machine pitch:  304.8mm / 12”
    • Machine pitch can be changed to 8, 15, or 18 depending on the size configurations the customer is looking to run.
  • Capable of running cans or bottles. (Change parts would apply)
  • Current max speed up to 125 cartoner per/min.
    • Capable of max speeds up to 250 cartons per min.  (Depends on configuration.  Some modernizations may apply)

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