RA PEARSON 4 and 6 Pack Carrier Erector

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4 and 6 Pack Carrier Erector

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Category:Box & Case Erectors & Formers, Carrier Erectors, Packaging Equipment

Manufacturer:RA PEARSON




RA Pearson DX151 4 and 6 Pack Carrier Erector.  Maximum Speed approx 150 CPM.  Air Requirements .111 SCF/Cycle at 80 PSI.  Electrical Requiremnents-230/460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 HZ Standard.  1.63 KVA (Standard Voltage)

6 Pack Carrier Size.

Min Knockdown-Length-9.75" X Height -8.69" 

Max Konckdown- Length 10.72" X Height 12.25"

Min Erected- Length-7.31" X Weidth-4.88" X Height-6.25"

Max Erected- Length-7.97 X Width-5.50" X Height -9.50"


4 Pack Carrier Size

Min Knockdown- Length-7.32" X Height 8.69"

Max Knockdown-Length-8.25" X Height-12.25"

Min Erected- Length-4.88" X Width-4.88" X Height-6.25"

Max Erected- Length-5.50" X Width-5.50" X Height-9.50"


Carrier Notes-

Minimum Side Panel Height- 4.75"

Maximum Locking Finger Overlap- .375"

Cannot Run Dual Lock Carriers (Lock in the Front and Back)

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