TECMI EV 35 MultiPack Film Shrink Wrapper

The TECMI EV 35 is an automatic continuous-operation shrink-wrapper that handles film only. Available in configurations for both single and double lanes, the machine can pack a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials including glass, PET, and cardboard.

Designed specifically for repack operations – our ergonomic layout for manual loading and automatic shrink wrapping is ideal for rainbow and multipack cases.

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The EV 35 MultiPack can handle products of any shape whether cylindrical, square or rounded. It can also process packages that are inconsistent in size and shape and packages that contain different quantities (for example 2 x 1 or 3 x 1).

Loading is manual, but fast-format changeability allows the replacement of products, or reconfiguration of packages, to be carried out in just a few minutes. If used with a single lane it can handle up to 35 ppm, and if in the double-lane format, up to 70 ppm.

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