TECMI ECAS 650/TT Film Shrink Wrapper

One of the best machines on the market in terms of cost, performance, and overall benefits, the ECAS 650 is an automatic shrink-wrapping machine that is suitable for production lines comprising bottles, jars, cans, and spray cans, as well as boxes. The machine is easy to operate and hugely versatile.

Benefits include reduced format change times as well as minimized polyethylene film reel replacement times.

TECMI ECAS 650 CC | SMB Machinery
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A welding bar comes standard with the ECAS 650 and this enables hot chamber welding with digital temperature control for a completely automated shrink-wrapping operation. The welding bar has an upper and lower movement that is pneumatically operated and incorporates all the necessary safety devices.

The machine also boasts an “intelligent” polyethylene feed with programmable length and a centralized printed film option.

Production speed of the machine is adjustable up to 25 ppm and the memory command is programmable. The easy-to-read text display has programming, pack counter, and stop-message functions.

Ultimately, the cutting-edge electronics incorporated in the ECAS 650 shrink-wrapper make it not only highly flexible and reliable but unique in the market too.

Essential technical data for the ECAS 650/TT indicates all the elements that are relevant to production output, power, and specifications.

  • Maximum production output is 25 ppm
  • Electric feed is 3 x 380 V +N-50/60 Hz
  • Installed power is 2 kW
  • Compressed air pressure is 13 l/cycle
  • Approximate net weight is 850 kg
  • Maximum reel diameter is 300 mm
  • Maximum reel width is 600 mm
  • Polyethylene thickness is 60 to 150 microns

This machine may be supplied with a single lane cardboard pad dispenser and a wrap-around tray dispenser if required. Other optional items include a centralized printed film feed and special conveyors for product input and pack output.

An “accumulation” table is available for stacking packages at 90 degrees.

The machine is also available in a stainless steel version.

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