TECMI Shrinkwrap Machines & Packaging Systems

TECMI Industrial is an award-winning Argentinian company that manufactures packaging systems and a variety of automatic polyethylene film shrink-wrapping and packing machines. Established by professional technicians who trained in Europe, the company has many years of experience and is recognized and acknowledged internationally within the packing and packaging manufacturing sector.

TECMI’s initial manufacturing lines were operated mechanically and were heavy-duty machines that offered rugged, reliable applications that would run 24/7. While TECMI machines are still highly robust and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance, today the company focus is on quality and affordability. When you buy a TECMI machine you can be assured you will be investing in equipment that will perform in accordance with leading European standards, at the best possible price-quality equation in the market.

Machines range from simple semi-automatic equipment to fully-automated designs that are able to achieve 55 packs per minute (ppm), or 100 ppm if it is a double-lane machine. Cardboard pad and tray options are available.