Cime Careddu Diamond Can Filler

Cime Rotary Can filler & seamer is designed for precision filling (+/- 1mm) of beer, wine, sparkling and still water, CBD infused drinks and sodas.
Capable of some of the lowest Oxygen pickup in the industry at less than 30ppb achieved with a CO2 Purge.

Ranging from 30 cans per minute to over 200 cans per minute – we have the machine to fit your application.

Available with all standard can diameters and end sizes – 202/211, 202/200, 300/209 with a wide range of adjust-ability in height.


Cime Careddu Diamond Filling Machine | SMB Machinery
Cime Carreddu Diamond Filling Machine | SMB Machinery
Cime Careddu Diamond Filling Machine | SMB Machinery
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The Cime Careddu Diamond Can Filler

The filling valves were designed and developed to allow for optimum filling, hygienic safety, as well as ease of assembly and disassembly. The filling height is adjustable which means it can handle various heights of equal diameter cans with no change parts.

All the parts in contact with the product are made from top quality AISI 304 stainless steel (or if required, AISI 316). The plastic material that could come into contact with the product is fully food compliant. The cans are placed on holding cups in line with the filling valves and rotated in a star unit at the entrance of the filling machine.

The Diamond monoblock machine was designed and built specifically for cylindrical aluminum cans. It allows you to fill and seam all types of liquid products, both carbonated or produced without CO2.

Operation details

The pneumatic operation of the Cime Careddu Diamond unit produces a particularly smooth movement. This avoids any disturbance or impact that could damage the aluminum can especially when the compressed air that was previously filtered is recovered. Once the cans have been filled and gases removed it is placed in the output star conveyor of the filling machine and then onto the conveyor belt so it can be moved to the rotating can-type seamer unit.

The transfer of the cans is carried out gently to avoid any sudden movements that could cause the liquid to spill.

The seamer is supplied with a feed system that dispenses the lids automatically with the can and seaming device using an electrical pulse. There is a single motor that regulates all movement and is synchronized with the filling machine.

Internally, all the elements that make up the moving parts of the motor are oil-bathed. Transmission is achieved using sprockets made of steel or thermoplastic resin (polyamide) that are mounted so there is no contact between the ones made of steel. This reduces the noise level as much as possible.

Safety Guards

Safety guards comprise an AISI 304 stainless steel frame and transparent material panels that allow constant visual access by the operator assigned to control the machine. The doors on the unit have special safety devices that protect it electrically. The electrical panel incorporates an inverter that allows for variation of the machine speed via a potentiometer.

Control Panel

The control panel display shows all the fillers information and the possible alarms. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is provided so that all the necessary functions required for correct operation of the machine can be set correctly. A compact, technologically advanced machine, the Diamond filler is suitable for all medium-small producers because it offers them the performance of a large machine at a reasonable, lower price.

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