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Used Fillers - Filling Equipment

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12080VICKERS DAWSON Filler / Crowner / Capper44-8-8 Filler/Capper/Crowner
Used VICKERS DAWSON Filler / Crowner / Capper

Consists of 44 valve filler, 8 head plastic capper and 8 head crowner for glass closures.

12030BURT Dual Head Rotary Auger Filler6700
Used BURT Dual Head Rotary Auger Filler

Mateer (Pneumatic Scale) Model 6700 Dual Head Rotary Auger Filler. Machine is rated at speeds up to 350 containers per minute. Machine has 24 pockets with 5-1/2" pitch, 2 filling heads, and 2 integrated Safeline flow-through metal detection systems. Has a 10' Delrin chain conveyor. 3/60/240V.

11875CROWN 60 Valve Filler with 12 Head Plastic Capper60-12
Used CROWN 60 Valve Filler with 12 Head Plastic Capper

60 valve carbonated filler with recently purchased Alcoa 12 head cap-in-head capper.  Machine also ran bottled water, all with a 28mm 1881 plastic closure.  Double infeed screw for enhanced empty bottle stability.  Remote stainless steel lubrication panel.  Machine needs a separate cap feeder.  Upgraded 3" product line and electronic level control system.  Stainless steel posts and supports.

11807ELF 6 Valve Filler
Used ELF 6 Valve Filler

6 heads inline filler. Adjustable valve spacing. Discharge nozzle has 1/2" opening. Container height adjustment on filler. Previously running up to 1.3 gallon. Power actuated valve at nozzle controls flow of product to container. Equipped with pneumatic actuator (model:AP73SR4, torque: 471/253 in-lbs at 80 psi). Heavy duty construction. Easy to operate controller. Programmable operator controller. Overall dimensions: 118"H x 92"W x 54"L.

11704CROWN 72 Valve Can Filler72UBFTCHGG
Used CROWN 72 Valve Can Filler

Crown 72 valve can filler with 115 degree infeed and set for 202 can ends and a 211 body diameter. Refer the attached file for footprint.

11688CROWN 45 Valve Filler With 6 Head Capper45-6
Used CROWN 45 Valve Filler With 6 Head Capper

Crown 45-valve filler, running 2 liter at 1538 CS/HR, includes Alcoa model A210/6 6-head capper, serial No: 78, (1) cap feeder, approximate 50' feed tube, no hopper. Filler height can be electrically adjusted with the help of motor mounted. Capper is currently set for 28 mm caps. Torque on capper can be easily adjustable. Filler pitch: 5-1/2". 

11663CROWN 72 Valve Can Filler
Used CROWN 72 Valve Can Filler

Crown 72-Head Can Filler, 1200 CPM, 8 OZ Upgrade, Currently Setup For 12 OZ.

11640CROWN 40 Valve Can Filler40 FTCF
Used CROWN 40 Valve Can Filler

40 valve can filler previously used to fill 12oz beer cans with 202 can ends at 450+ bpm.  Stainless steel cylinder hanger.  Double button Crown valves.

11569CROWN 60-12 Filler/Capper60/12
Used CROWN 60-12 Filler/Capper

60 valve neck handling filler with CSI 12 head capping system (Model 200E SN200E01112). Twin feed screw infeed. Upgraded electricals with Panelview 1000 HMI. Fully enclosed guarding package. 1.0L pitch. Machine capable of filling at speeds up to 600 bpm depending upon package and product parameters.

11487US BOTTLERS 72 Valve Hot Fill FillerPGF-72
Used US BOTTLERS 72 Valve Hot Fill Filler

72 valves hot bottling machine. Star wheel entry/exit. Sanitary design. Stainless steel frame. Right to left flow. 3/4" OD valves.

11443LINKER Pressure Gravity Rinser/Filler/CapperRFC 36-36-12 US TYPE
Used LINKER Pressure Gravity Rinser/Filler/Capper

All stainless steel construction rinser/filler/capper set for 0.5L bottles with 28mm 1810 plastic closures. Includes remote stainless steel enclosure with Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1500 processor and (3) Powerflex VFDs and Panelview Plus 600 HMI on machine. Includes stainless steel cap bin and elevator with cap sorter mounted above capper. Includes 80 gallon open top stainless steel balance tank with lid.

11436MRM Rotary FillerR50
Used MRM Rotary Filler

Comes with wall mounted speed controls. 24 Filling heads. 5/16" Diamater nozzle, 4" center to center distance between two nozzles. Capable up to 240 bottles per minute. 4" maximum container diameter. No container, no fill. Spiral worm infeed. Infeeds left and discharges right. Clear plexiglass guarding. Stainless steel construction. Overall dimension: 72"L X 66"W X 83"H. 

11435MRM 16 Head Rotary Piston FillerROTARY PISTON FILLER 16
Used MRM 16 Head Rotary Piston Filler

Fully automatic rotary piston filler has 16 nozzles and is capable of filling up to 240 containers per minute. It can accomodate a wide range of container sizes and products of most viscosities. Internal dimensions of piston: 5-1/2" deep X 2-3/4" internal diameter. Maximum fill volume: 17.5 oz. Maximum container diameter 4-3/4". Maximum container height: 12". Air requirement:1 cfm at 60 psi. Spiral infeed worm for positive container handling into starwheel. Manual container height adjustment. Manual piston stroke fill adjustment by lowering or raising cam track that controls piston travel. Rugged, modulated piston cam track assures high performance with little maintenance. Doesn't dispense product if container is not present. It may be necessay to change piston and cylinder size for drastic changes in fill volumes. Overall dimension: 113"L X 65"W X 83"H. Electrical: 230V 60HZ 3PH.

11432 Clean Room Enclosure For Rinser/Filler/Capper
Used  Clean Room Enclosure For Rinser/Filler/Capper
11428LINKER 40/48/16 Rinser/Filler/Capper For WaterRFC 40-48-16
Used LINKER 40/48/16 Rinser/Filler/Capper For Water

All stainless steel rinser/filler/capper used for filling bottled water with 26.7mm plastic screw caps. Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1500 PLC.

11206ACCUTEK 6 Head Inline Filler
Used ACCUTEK 6 Head Inline Filler
Six stainless steel fill nozzles with tubing. Stainless steel variable speed table top conveyor.
11197AUTOPROD 4 Lane Stainless Steel Cup FillerFP-2X4
Used AUTOPROD 4 Lane Stainless Steel Cup Filler

Auto Prod 4-Lane S/S Cup Filler, with Allen Bradley SLC 150 PLC Controls, Portion Control System, DeNester, Tamper Evident Sealer, 8-Head Filler Bowl, Tri-Clover Air Valve, Hydraulic Drive with Hydraulic System. Set up to do 1 oz. Change Parts. Capacity 50 cycle per minute, 8 cups per cycle, 25 lbs. per minute, 1,500 lbs. per hour. Internal diameter of pocket that holds cup is approx. 1.790". Diameter of rim that holds lip of cup is approx. 2.033". 

11150UNIFILLER Compact DepositorCompact Table Top
Used UNIFILLER Compact Depositor
140 deposits/minute (8400 deposits/hr) depending on product size. Volume 0.3 oz. - 18 oz. (10 ml - 532 ml)Hopper capacity 6 US gallons. Air requirements 3 to 5 cfm. @ 80 psi.
11149UNIFILLER Compact DepositorCompact Table Top
Used UNIFILLER Compact Depositor
140 deposits/minute (8400 deposits/hr) depending on product size. Volume 0.3 oz. - 18 oz. (10 ml - 532 ml)Hopper capacity 6 US gallons. Air requirements 3 to 5 cfm. @ 80 psi.
11144FILLER SPECIALTIES 24 Valve Filler with 8 Head CapperAWFS-248
Used FILLER SPECIALTIES 24 Valve Filler with 8 Head Capper

This filler was previously running bottled water in half liter PET bottles at around 200 bottles per minute. Bottles enter from right and exit on left. Stainless steel construction.  5 1/8" valve pitch wtih 3/4" OD valves.  Overall dimensions are 7'-6" long x 5'-4" long.